FAQ for Sellers

How Many Listings Do You Carry at Once?

Our listing inventory varies greatly by season. In busy months we can carry as many as 26 active listings at once or as few as 3 active listings in the slower months. Even in the busiest seasons, we have systems in place to manage the details of each listing without being spread too thin. It’s one of the major advantages of working with a highly organized team.

Why Should I Hire an Agent That Has a High Listing Volume?

Agents with a high listing volume receive more calls and have more opportunities to spread the word about your home. We also gain inside market knowledge because we know who the agents are that are looking in each price range as well as the number of showings each of our listings is getting.

Will You be Showing My Home or Using Lockboxes?

Yes & No. We are happy to accompany showings when appropriate and available. Even with a team, there are occasionally times when we are all booked and we do not want to turn down a showing opportunity. Having worked with buyers across many different price points throughout the North Shore, buyers generally prefer to be in homes alone with their agents, especially when their agent is familiar with the local market.

How Long is Your Listing Contract?

The customary term for a listing agreement is one year. A seller can cancel after being active on the MLS for 6 months. There is a $500 fee for early cancellation, plus reimbursement of all marketing costs.

Will You Host a Broker’s Open House?

Yes! In our market, broker’s open houses are important. It is common for the most productive agents in the area to tour. It gives agents a chance to preview your home so that they know about it when they get a client who might be a prospective buyer.

Will You Host a Public Open House Every Weekend?

No. We are happy to host public open houses if you are interested, but it’s not mandatory. We like to do one on our opening weekend and approximately once per month thereafter.

Will You Bring Me All Offers?

Yes! It’s the law. We will bring you all offers, both written and verbal no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Where a buyer starts is not necessarily indicative of where they will finish. It’s our job to work them up!

Will You be My Main Point of Contact?

You can call any of us anytime. We have found that one of us will naturally rise to the top as your main point of contact depending upon either prior relationship, personality connection or availability.

How Often Will You Communicate With Me After You List My House?

We will communicate with you after every showing, open house or if we feel that there has been a shift in the market. We will also send you a monthly report that summarizes showing and online activity.

What is Your Commission?

Our commission fees are very competitive because our business is still growing! These fees include the buyer’s agent co-op commission.

What if I Decide to Cancel My Listing or My House Doesn’t Sell in the First 2 Weeks?

Don’t panic! Not every home will sell right away. Each week, we are looking at our online traffic and showing activity compared to the other properties we represent as well as those listed with other Compass agents.

What Will You Do to Market My Home?

It’s more like what don’t we do! We have an extremely comprehensive marketing plan and pre- marketing plan that includes digital, social and print media. We stay on top of the latest marketing trends in the industry and firmly believe that we do as much or more than any other agent on the North Shore.

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