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Sally S.

When my husband and I decided to return to the greater Chicago area when he retired, I set out to find a realtor who would be the best fit for us. Relocating was not something new to us since we had made seven moves over the course of his career and were used to working with realtors in various parts of the country. We identified some areas north of Chicago that we thought would be of most interest to us and then started looking for a realtor. Our daughter, who lives in the Chicago area helped us collect as many recommendations as we could as well as scouring the internet for the best possible firm to help us in our search for a new home. Based on the recommendations, the realtor's websites and reviews, we came up with a list of about 4 or 5 realtors that we thought could be a good match for us. We did phone interviews with each of them. After much research we decided Alberts and Maletsky would be the team we would enjoy working with the most. Our research paid off. In all of our years of moving around we never had a realtor work harder for us. Stephanie and Beth listened to everything we said. On our first outing we gave them a very long list of houses we wanted to see over a three day period. Not only did they fit all of them in but as they saw our reaction to some of the houses they quickly figured out what we were looking for and started adding some extra houses that they thought would be of interest to us. They even arranged for us to see some houses that were coming on the market but were not actually listed yet. Although we worked primarily with Stephanie, she and Beth work as a team. Sometimes they would even tag team with one of them showing us houses for part of the day and the other one taking over for the rest of the day. We were shocked at how quickly they responded to our requests for information or research. It was always provided immediately. No calls went unanswered. If we left a voice message we always knew we would get a call back in a few minutes. When the right house came on the market, we were ready and confident to move on it quickly. You can't go wrong with Alberts and Maletsky. They do an incredible job!

N. Pavlik

Stephanie and Beth made a terrific team and delivered outstanding support and value along every step of the buying process. We wouldn't be in the home we are today if it wasn't for their help and I'm so thankful we worked together. We didn't use a realtor to help us buy our first home 13 years ago. Even then, I figured I could get everything I needed online. We worked with Stephanie and Beth this time because of a friend’s recommendation and because we lived 45 minutes or so from where we were buying - meaning we didn't have local knowledge and needed to make the best use of our time during home visits. They delivered on that and more by - First, taking the time to really understand our needs - Delivering well planned, efficient day trips to visit several properties that both met our needs and represented a variety of what was available in our price range - they really have great knowledge of the area - Input on cost and value of various potential home renovation projects - Knowledge of local schools above and beyond what I could find online All of this was before we found our home. They were then instrumental in helping us: - Set and implement our strategy for (successful!) price negotiation - including being available and responsive at all times, including nights and weekends. - Resolve the variety of issues that arose during inspection. There was one sticking point in particular that seemed like it was going to ruin / really dampen our weekend. Stephanie was able to get the sellers to compromise and by doing so really made an emotional difference in our lives, not just a financial relief. - Identifying trusted, responsive contractors to assist with specific repairs - Being there straight through closing to ensure everything went smoothly. I've already said thank you but am grateful to have another venue to share my thoughts on our partnership this year. Stephanie and Beth exceeded our expectations.

Molly & Paul M.

Words can barely do justice to truly explain the pot of gold we found in Beth and Steph through Alberts + Maletsky Real Estate, but I can sure try! The strong reviews that we saw online attracted us to Alberts + Maletsky Real Estate, and we now can wholeheartedly agree with each glowing review that we read. From the moment we reached out to start the house search, Beth and Steph were so responsive. They were willing to meet, connect on the phone or via email almost 24/7 and always were so quick to respond. As first time home buyers there was so much that we didn't know, and Beth and Steph were so through in explaining things to us and answering the hundreds of questions that we had. Their knowledge of the market and of Highland Park really shined through as they always gave tremendous advice that was realistic, honest, and reliable. We quickly realized how trustworthy they both are personally and professionally. Beth and Steph were never pushy or overbearing. In fact, they made us feel so comfortable throughout the process it was almost as if they quickly turned from real estate agents to acquaintances to friends. Beth and Steph were patient with us and took time to walk through 24 houses with us before we found the right one. They walked us through each step of the process up to closing, and as now home owners, we are still reaching out to them with questions and they are still as responsive and reliable as ever. We are the lucky ones to have found such an amazing team of woman who are so dedicated to their job, have passion for their work, and are so genuine along the way. We can't recommend Alberts + Maletsky Real Estate enough!

Jonathan K.

My wife and I met Stephanie and Beth at an open house a few years ago. I had already been looking to ditch my agent at the time, mostly because he was not listening to me and he was pushing us towards a decision that he would make, not necessarily a choice we wanted. (We moved from the city to North Shore-a big decision for us as we've been downtown for over a decade, and still love it). Then we ran into Steph/Beth at another subsequent open house. I'd had enough with my old agent's pushy/slime-y salesmanship and we had built a quick and comfortable rapport with Beth/Steph. The decision was clear, for buying in the North Shore, we would begin a working relationship with Beth/Steph. Over the course of two years, they graciously guided us through searching, knowing the whole time we may not end up pulling the trigger for a long time. That didn't matter to them, they weren't hunting for a deal. They were fighting for our best interests, which I love. Never pushy, always helpful and always patient. In my experience, you don't often see that with realtors. You often get the hard sell, desperation mode style of pitching a deal. That hard sell and aggressive tactics tells me as a customer that they don't really care about the client, they just care about their commission. Stephanie and Beth are the polar opposite and we consider ourselves lucky to have had a few chance run-ins that turned into a fruitful working relationship. Win-Win through and through. No matter what end of a real estate transaction you're on, Beth and Stephanie have all my praise and confidence in stewarding a client from start to finish.

Buyer Client

"Mada is transparent and honest. In my opinion she is very good at gauging a client's motivation and she is very willing to match that motivation. Initially we were just sniffing around, a little uncertain as to if we were actually going to dive into the market - at that time she was low pressure while still keeping a steady flow of properties in our inbox. Once we were committed to buying she became a fixture in the process. Constantly asking questions to ensure she was showing us properties that matched our wants and needs. I don't think she ever showed us a property that was outside of our established parameters. She is very responsive. Shortly before closing I sent her a few questions late at night and she responded immediately. When the situation calls for it, she will meet with you face to face or pick up the phone (she does not rely on text messaging for the more complex questions). She knows everybody! Honestly you would think she's the mayor:-) - she has a phenomenal knowledge of the area and its history, but she is very unassuming and really seems to be content matching people to the right properties. She is a good person who is more interested in making connections that matter, then she is about making a few dollars. She is very capable of multitasking and is able to manage the entire process from start to finish. This was the fourth house I've purchased and she was by far my most engaged and knowledgeable agent. You will not regret having her on your side of the table when it comes to closing."

Andi R.

I couldn’t recommend Beth & Steph more. I owned a large home in Highland Park with a pool and it wasn’t an easy home to sell. The pictures, the videos and all of their marketing really made a difference. No one knows the market better. The buyers came in with an offer that was not so great, I wanted to walk away. Beth & Steph convinced me that the buyers would come up to a number I was comfortable with, so we started to negotiate. I am so thankful I listened to them. I was very discouraged at first during the negotiations and they really helped to keep me focused on my end goal. It took a little time and perseverance on their part but I got a price that I am happy with, a price that I couldn’t have gotten with a different agent. Who you hire as your agents really makes a difference and the next time I buy or sell a house I will definitely hire them again. I am not only thankful that I chose them to be my agents but also that they have become my friends.

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