What Sets Us Apart


1. 100% Five-star reviews. Check them out on Yelp, Google & Zillow.

2. We are a team of full-time, full-service, top producing agents. Active agents receive more calls, giving us more and better opportunities to spread the word about your home, or help you discover a home that hasn’t hit the market yet.

3. Most of our business comes from past clients and referrals. People who know us, trust us.

4. We tour every week, so we know the inventory. We also know things that only locals will know. Compass has offices throughout Chicagoland with experts in every market. We frequently network with top producing agents across our company and know who to call to get the inside scoop.

5. We are a small business. We invest in our business with professional coaching and by building our brand. This is not a hobby.


6. We have a plan. We have both a pre-listing campaign designed to get your home sold before it even hits the market, as well as an active listing strategy that utilizes multiple marketing and advertising platforms. We create checklists for everything, so nothing falls through the cracks.

7. We communicate effectively and consistently. Our response time is impressive and we believe in overcommunicating rather than making assumptions. We deliver on promises.

8. We do our research. We know how to find and analyze numbers in the MLS to better understand what’s happening in the market.

9. We have excellent relationships with local brokers. Agents let us know about their upcoming business and like doing deals with us because we make it easier for them.

10. We know the process inside and out. There are still things to be learned with every transaction, but we have a ton of experience from which to draw. We are not too proud to seek advice from others who know more.


11. We are organized, thorough and pay attention to details. We strive to be free of mistakes in our MLS listings and have accurate knowledge about the properties we represent. We look for potential issues early on to eliminate surprises and plan ahead.

12. We are present. We show up. We don’t leave you or your house alone. We make sure that a team member is present for inspections and appraisals. 

13. We care about people. We care about how you’re feeling as we go through the process and strive to be good listeners. We are patient and kind, but also honest. We put our clients’ needs above our own.

14. We surround ourselves with great people. Our Resource Guide is a unique tool that our team provides and we update it frequently.

15. We have lots of business, but we are never too busy. Our business is growing and we have organizational systems in place to seamlessly and successfully manage new business. Many agents don’t and find themselves frenzied and spread too thin.


16. Our business is equally divided between buyers and sellers. We know what buyers are looking for in a new home and expecting in a transaction.

17. We understand technology to promote our listings and use it to make the process of selling convenient for you.

18. We are effective negotiators and have achieved the Certified Negotiation Expert designation.

19. We believe that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. If a marketing tool makes sense for your property, we are willing to give it a try.

20. We are open minded and embrace new or better ways of doing things. We are always looking for opportunities to learn.

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We are dedicated to establishing and keeping your trust using the latest technology to provide reliable, responsive communication at all times. We work hard to make real estate easier.
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